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3 Ways to Develop Cross Platform Desktop Apps with PHP

1. Nightrain

Nightrain is a pre-packaged set of PHP-hosting prerequisites powered by PHP 5.5.x at the moment. It’s a packager written in Python that uses PHP’s internal server to host your app, thus avoiding Apache and Nginx and minimizing configuration shenanigans. However, this also means some more advanced aspects are unavailable, and you can only really use it for very rudimentary apps.



wxPHP stands for “wxWidgets for PHP” and is a PHP extension that wraps the wxWidgets library, which allows to write multi-platform desktop applications that make use of the native graphical components available to the different platforms. – Wikipedia


3. TideSDK

TideSDK has a somewhat different approach than the above two. You install an SDK to be able to develop applications, and each platform has certain prerequisites. TideSDK is actually the renamed Titanium Desktop project. Titanium remained focused on mobile, and abandoned the desktop version, which was taken over by some people who have open sourced it and dubbed it TideSDK.


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PHP Desktop is an open source project founded by Czarek Tomczak in 2012 to provide a way for developing native desktop GUI applications using web technologies such as PHP, HTML5, JavaScript and SQLite. The development workflow you are used to while creating web applications remains the same. There is no new API/framework to learn. The process of turning an existing website into a desktop application is basically a matter of copying it to the "phpdesktop/www/" directory.


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