BCIT php Course (Level 2, #2920)


Course Details

This hands-on course continues from COMP 1920 and teaches students how to write reusable classes and object-oriented scripts. The main focus is on advanced database programming techniques (using MySQL as well as other database management systems), session handling, and security issues. Topics include : Open-source PHP libraries (e.g. PEAR) and extensions (e.g. PECL) are used to add complex functionality to sites including encryption, compression, rss feeds, templating, hashing, and multiple file format creation (.doc, .pdf, .rtf, .zip, .xls). Students work together in groups to build scripts and libraries for membership signups and shopping-carts for online database transactions. Participants learn the PHP command line interface (no Web server required),and compare PHP to other scripting languages such as Perl. (3.0 Credits)



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